In the 1930's a popular genre of animated film emerged in the United States - the cannibal cartoon - in which the anthropomorphised white 'hero', marooned on an island, was captured by a tribe of savage black cannibals and thrown into the cooking pot. LMFYFF's provocative new character Post-Colonial Colonial is a Frankenstein creation, reconfigured from the vestiges of this half- forgotten, problematical imagery. A character that remixes the conventional cartoon 'savage' and takes aim at animation's ignoble history of racial stereotyping.

Post-Colonial Cannibal was created by LMFYFF. Character Design by LMFYFF and Elroy Simmons. Animation Elroy Simmons.

Download Anthropophagy and anthropomorphism: constructing 'Post-Colonial Cannibal' a text by LMFYFF on the work, published in Animation Practice, Process and Production Vol 1, Issue 1 (Editor Paul Wells).

Read Acting Dumb and Playing Dead: Let Me Feel Your Finger First in conversation with Angela Kingston.

Post-Colonial Cannibal a lecture performance was first presented at Supernormal 2011. View photos here.